About Bottle Baby Fosters Rescue

Bottle Baby Fosters is a 501c3 nonprofit, neonatal kitten rescue in Phoenix, AZ.  We focus our intakes on orphaned, neonatal kittens that need bottle feeding in order to survive.  This population requires intensive care that is not widely available and that is what makes our work so important.

"Kitten Season", typically between March and November, is when Bottle Baby Fosters sees an extreme influx in orphaned kittens.  During the off season, Bottle Baby Fosters aims to engage in TNR (trap-neuter-release) services, fundraising services, and aims to provide education to the public on the critical nature of the neonatal kitten through bottle feeding and other instructional workshops! 

All of the bottle baby kittens that are rescued will eventually be available for adoption.  Our kittens are adopted up to date on appropriate vaccines, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and blood tested for viral diseases.  We are proud of the high level, quality of care we are able to provide to our fosters and aim to only adopt them to homes that can provide the same, if not better, quality environment.

Bottle Baby Fosters and their kittens thrive off of community support and donations.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit and your donations are tax deductible. 

About the founders

Melinda Blain

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Shelbi Uyehara

Every time Shelbi would go into a pet store with an adoption center, she would get overwhelmed with sadness for the cats and kittens behind the glass stuck in tiny cages, and so in May of 2016, Shelbi began her fostering journey. 

Shelbi decided to start bottle feeding when she learned about the high need for quality bottle feeders and high euthanasia rates among neonatal kittens. Founding a bottle feeding rescue became extremely important to her as she observed how a specialized rescue for this vulnerable population could benefit both orphaned kittens and the Phoenix community.

Shelbi values empowering the community to work together and get more involved to control local stray and feral cat populations in their own neighborhoods.  Her goal is to do this by offering workshops and consultations through Bottle Baby Fosters and obtaining grants to fund community outreach and partnership programs within the next two years.

Shelbi graduated with her Masters of Social Work in December of 2018.  She lives at home with her husband and 5 cats. While she hopes to always continue bottle feeding, Shelbi and her husband hope to one day have a huge house with many rooms so that geriatric cats, who have low odds of being adopted and are at high risk for euthanasia, can live out their days basking in the sun in happiness.