Melinda About

The Bottle Baby Fosters Founder

Melinda Blain

Melinda began fostering bottle baby kittens in the summer of 2014. After becoming educated on the hardships that orphaned kittens face in the traditional shelter system, it became her mission to save the little guys that need additional care.

Melinda originally started fostering through local rescues, but desired to start a rescue dedicated to orphaned kittens so that the more high-risk neonates would get the individualized care and support necessary for them to survive. 

Fostering is something that is so close to her heart and something that she intends on doing for the rest of her life. She loves watching the amazing transformations of the teeniest guys who fight so hard in the beginning. For this reason, she typically focuses on kittens that are under one week old when she first meets them.

She is a lifelong animal lover and vegan who lives with her two cats in Phoenix, Arizona. She currently attends college and often has some foster kittens who desire higher education with her in class.