Fuu + Mugen

Forever Bonded Pair

Fuu and Mugen, along with their brother Jin, came to me on October 19, 2018.  They were part of a trio, which became known as the Samuari Champloo trio, whom they were named after.  

Apparently, this trio was found in the back seat of someone's truck. The owner of the truck lives in a neighborhood with "tons" of stray cats and figures mom must have climbed through the back window, which does not close.  Most likely mom was trying to move her kittens to a safe place, but the driver accidentally separated the litter from mom when they drove away to work.  The driver did not discover the kittens in his backseat until after he completed a full work day.  They were screaming and crying and so the driver left the truck door open when he returned, hoping mom would return for her kittens, but she never did. It is estimated they went close to 20 hours without food or warmth. 

Mugen and Jin were in pretty rough shape upon intake, while Fuu has always been an easy baby.  They all three were covered in flea bites, which is quite dangerous for neonatal kittens.  Little Mugen was the weight of a newborn kitten, even though he was 4 days old.  He was not the best eater and so we supplemented with tube feeding for him, until he got the swing of nursing from the nipple. 

Despite the adversities they faced, these kittens were always determined to survive and Fuu and Mugen were always so happy.   Mugen was a purr machine right off the bat and it didn't take me long to learn that Fuu loved her belly rubbed.  With love and care, they very quickly thrived. 

As Fuu and Mugen grew, it became clear they were bonded.  Usually, I will see the bond decrease as kittens reach 5-6 weeks and start to realize their autonomy and independence, but with Fuu and Mugen, the bond seemed to get stronger.  They were ALWAYS cuddling with eachother. ALWAYS. And they even usually had a limb or two wrapped around the other kitten. 

Luckily, they were adopted together and are living the very best life I could have hoped for for them. They are in a BEAUTIFUL home with BEAUTIFUL humans who absolutely adore them.  They have tons of kitty toys, scratchers, cat trees, tunnel, cat beds, soft blankets, galore! They also have 3 doggie siblings and my heart is so happy for Fuu and Mugen.  They will forever be together cuddling in a house that is absolutely full of love. 

Follow Fuu + Mugen and fam on instagram @1artchick4u_fuu_mugen_andpups

Follow Fuu + Mugen and fam on instagram @1artchick4u_fuu_mugen_andpups