Kaze was born in July of 2018, in the middle of a harsh, Arizona summer.  Not only is the unrelenting heat a major issue for neonatal kittens here, but so are the dangerous monsoons, which, Kaze and his litter were born smack dab in the middle of one.  

The monsoon scared off mama and his litter was found drowning in a puddle.  When found, two siblings had already passed. Pneumonia, panleukopenia, and a congenital abnormality took his other 3 siblings, leaving Kaze the sole survivor of his litter of six. He and his siblings were all given names to match the characteristics of the horrible monsoon Mesa saw that day.  Kaze translates to wind.

Despite his rough beginning and an intense encounter with panleukopenia, Kaze was a sweet and awesome little foster who was determined to survive, despite his odds. Before baby Kaze was diagnosed with panleukopenia- he was CHUBBY! He and his brother Ame, which translates to rain, were the fattest little neonates I have ever seen.  On top of their chunkiness, they were fluffy poofs, and nothing was cuter than seeing those two chunks roll around in their totes together.  

Kaze also loved to be held.  I remember every Friday night, up until he had panleukopenia, we would watch Live PD together as we would roll around on his back in my lap.  I also remember the moment I realized little Kaze was going to survive panleukopenia despite how nasty his symptoms were. He was laying in his own vomit, but started purring when I picked him up. He was telling me he was going to be okay! 

The story of Kaze's survival is amazing. I ultimately selected his adopters because of how moved they were by his story. They even admitted to being moved to tears.  They even decided to keep his name, as they felt Kaze (wind), was an important part of everything he had over come. The night before adoption day, they went out and bought, what looks like, the entire toy aisle of a pet store.  Kaze and I were so lucky to find this home, because I am not sure there is another home out there that would appreciate him more! His worries are forever over. 

Follow Kaze on Instagram to see many photos and videos of him and his toy beaver, or him playing with one of the millions of toys his parents bought him, and videos of him kneading blankets in the sun. 

Follow Kaze and his happy life on instagram @Kazekitty

Follow Kaze and his happy life on instagram @Kazekitty