Stevie Nicks came into my life as a tiny, underweight four week old but she made up for her small size with her large personality.  

Like most kittens, Stevie is a high energy girl who loves to play and explore. Her favorite toy is her ball tower and it keeps her entertained for hours! Her second favorite toy is my 9 month old resident cat. If he loses interest in her she goes over and paws his tail until he starts playing with her again. 

Stevie also has a fun, spicy side! She can be a chatty girl and if she’s not happy you will hear about it! My favorite is when she encounters a new toy she will make this cute little popping noise in surprise.

She balances out this spice by being a sweet, cuddle bug and loves to sleep in the crook of my neck after her playtime is over. Normally you can find her curled up in a warm spot watching you work, cook, or watch TV.

Stevie would be a wonderful companion to any young cat looking for a forever friend.

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