Frankie + Wolfie: Sisters from different litters

Wolfie and Frankie are not actually litter mates, but Wolfie took a liking to Frankie early on and their bond is strong! They balance each other out nicely with Wolfie being sickeningly sweet and Frankie being a full blown wild child.  

Little Wolfie and Frankie both had rough starts.  Both were extremely underweight.  Frankie came to us at 3 weeks old, but was the weight of a 1 week old kitten. And for whatever reason, Wolfie had such a strong aversion to drinking from a nipple, she had to be tube fed until she was 6 weeks old and transitioned to wet food. 

The world fell in love with Wolfie and she even got her 15 minutes of fame through a Love Meow article!

When they got to be about 6 weeks old, Frankie and Wolfie became best friends.  Every morning I got front row seats to the Wolfie + Frankie show, where they'd wrestle and slide around the kitchen floor.  

Both girls were adopted by my aunt and are living in the life in California! They get tons of attention in their full, loving house! They even have 2 doggie siblings and a hedgehog sibling and its been a hoot to watch Wolfie and Frankie adjust to their big doggie sister Scully! 

I can't wait to keep getting updates and hearing all of shenanigans that go down among Wolfie, Frankie, and their doggies!!! 

Follow Wolfie and Frankie's shenanigans on instagram @Frankie_Woflie_KaliKitties

Follow Wolfie and Frankie's shenanigans on instagram @Frankie_Woflie_KaliKitties